An initiative taken by the AICEIA in the wake of worldwide crisis due to the COVID-19


All Office Bearers, AIB, AICEIA/

President/General Secretary/All office bearers-

All Circles, Branches, AICEIA/

All Members, AICEIA.

At this crucial juncture when our Nation is facing an imminent threat of outbreak of COVID-19, the virus which is capable of largescale- transmission, it is indispensable to strengthen the government financially as well as offering hands/service if called for. As you all are aware, Govt. of India vide its various OMs have already decided for complete lockdown of all over India till 14thApril, 2020, to prevent the spread of this destructive contagious Corona virus.

In this time of crisis, this Association have decided to take some urgent steps so that together we can fight with this worldwide pandemic. For serving the purpose, this Association have formulated a uniform action plan which is to be followed by All Circles & Branches of AICEIA /All Members of AICEIA:

  1. President/GS of all Branches/Circles are requested to make appeal to their members for generous donation to the various relief funds such as PM CARES Funds, State Govt Funds etc. and prepare a list of the contributors along with amount. They may then directly submit the donation list to their respective Pr CC/CCs under intimation to the AIB so that a consolidated donation amount can be reported to the CBIC. Donation amount may be fixed as per the convenience of the respective branch/circle and as on voluntary basis.
  2. Donation may also be done by way of deduction from salary through DDO as per the fundraising call by the CBIC. For the same, President/GS of all branches/Circles may give consent letter to their respective Administration on behalf of all members. Donation amount by way of deduction from salary may be 1 day or may be fixed by your own on flexible and voluntary basis. In some Commissionerates, where local branch is unavailable, the AIB, AICEIA is hereby designates the nearest Circle/Branch of AICEIA to give the consent for the same on behalf of AICEIA, after taking the view point of the local members. This type of donation may be extended in next month as per the exigencies. They may directly submit donation list to their respective Pr CC/CCs with intimation to the AIB so that a consolidated donation amount can be reported to the CBIC. 
  3. All members of AICEIA are requested that they may contact to their friends/relatives and motivate them to donate generously in any manner to fight this battle with COVID-19. They may draw a separate list for this type of donations and may submit to their respective President/GS for onward submission.
  4. All members of AICEIA are requested that they may contact by way of at least 10 phone Calls per day to their friends/relatives and motivate them to follow the instructions issued the Govt. such as ‘Stay in Home’ in Complete Lockdown, not to spread false information etc.
  5. President/GS of all branches/Circles are requested to approach the Administration from their own side and coordinate with them for any type of help in this crucial time. They may create a COVID-19 Task Force by way of calling options from their volanteer members with cooedination to their respective CGST & Customs Administration and local police/state administration for help of all office staff and their family members such as medical assistance, supply of household belongings and other emergency situation.
  6. All members are also requested to help their nearby migrated people, who are in financial distress, including daily wage laborers, street hawkers etc. So that their migration and unnecessary movement may be stopped and benefit of lock down could be maximize at large.

(Anubhuti Chettarjee)

Secretary General

All India Central Excise Inspectors’ Associationn3

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